Before we dive in, a thank you is long overdue to Brittany of Gallery No 8
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I recently came across a post written by a person in the biz
who declared that "mom's in the suburbs or smaller towns" have no idea what is "trendy"
in decorating because they are too busy.


It was included in a larger article (that had some great points)
about trends in decorating.

Truthfully, I had a hard time even reading the rest of the article
 because I was completely stunned by that comment.

When I started my business I was a Mum in a small town!
As my neighbours came over, they discovered my love of decorating.
One thing led to another, and soon I was helping everyone in the area choose colors...

(the effortlessly-chic Mum Katie with her briefcase)

They idea that people have to be educated about their likes and dislikes,
or must be warned against using a color that's on it's way "out",
goes against everything I believe in.

I really debated including that bit, because I dislike putting anything negative out there.
But it's difficult talking to clients time and again who are thinking grey
 simply because someone told them it was trendy.

1 2 3

Let's take a step back.

Each and every 10 Rooms Color Consultation is based on four main factors:

1. The Space Itself

2. The Purpose of the Space

3. The Personality of the Client

4. The Preferences of the Client

Nowhere on that list are trends a factor.
Now, if a client really wants to have a trendy space,
I will help them create it -
as long as they realize they will be redoing it in a few years time,
 because it will look tired.

Remember these?!!
Faux finishes? Country? Glitzy shabby chic? Sari madness?
You may have not indulged
(guilty as charged on the faux finishes for me - if I could turn back time!)
but heaps of people did, not always because they actually liked this stuff,
but because the market was saturated with it.

My goal in each color consultation is to help you decide
 on how to best enhance your home
 so that it functions perfectly and reflects your unique personality.

If you want a home that looks like what you are seeing in the Restoration Hardware catalogue,
by all means, re-create it.
You will have a fabulously designed room for free!
Just be aware that in a few years, you will no longer have the latest and greatest,
and almost every element in your space will scream 2010.

Which is fine, if you truly love it - and not, if you don't :)

See where I'm going here?

Unless you have an unlimited design budget (we can dream, can't we?!!)
I really believe in saving the trends for limited pieces,
primarily accessories and things that you will replace frequently because of wear and tear -
 textiles, paint, etc..

1 2 3 4

For investment pieces, like furniture and cabinetry,
buy the best quality you can afford and
choose styles that are near and dear to your heart.
You can have a great sofa re-upholstered several times before it needs replacing.
An incredible chandelier will last you a lifetime,
or at least be able to be re-sold for a good portion
 of your original investment down the road.

I'd like to know what your take is on this -
how often do you re-decorate?
Is it a desire to freshen up or update that gets the ball rolling?

After reading a really fabulous post from Abby of a Delightful Design,
and the barrage of comments that ensued,
regarding the value of a design consultation,
I've realized some posts about what a 10 Rooms Color Consultation includes may be in order!
Thank you Abby, and your commenters, for enlightening me :)

This week I will end the mystery (lol)
with some posts about what happens during a consultation,
how it will save you time and money,
and an explanation of the four factors above.

Hope you'll pop by!


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