have been wanting one of these tripod floor lamps forever.....

retail price: $ 500.00
down the street price: $5.00

I love yard sales :)

Today we are tackling the playroom,
which has morphed from this

to this.

The darlings won't even go in to this black hole of chaos any more.
Don't they look thrilled to bits to be in here, sorting?!!

We've finally reached the point where they are over 
barbies, transformers, bratz dolls, bakugons, littlest pet shop, hot wheels, etc...

It's time for a bit of a purge.

By the end of the weekend they will both have one rubbermaid bin filled with their faves,
and the rest is being given away.

It's a little bittersweet, because they are growing up,
but more sweet than bitter :)

What are you up to?


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