Found the work of Raphael Vicenzi via Urban Road,
a cool blog by artist Suzie Atkin I've just discovered,
and thought you may be taken with his work as much as I am....

It's a bit dark, but that edge is what makes it so interesting, yes?

I need this one. It's just jumped to the top of the very long art-I-covet list. 

Do you have one of those?
I don't covet many things, 
but sometimes an artist manages to capture something that I want to experience again and again...

It's been a crazy few days, 
nd I haven't had time to photograph any of the things we've been working on round here,
 but next week hopefully the madness will subside a little..
I miss reading blogs!!!

We've officially fired our deck guy... 
it's been a month and he's put in a whopping forty hours,
and we have been forced to take matters into our own hands.

Let's just say I now know how to use a mitre saw.

If anyone knows of a decent carpenter in the Simcoe area, puh-lease let me know!!!

Have a great weekend, y'all! x


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