Right now I am completely obsessed
 with neutral spaces that use saturated color in clever and uncommon ways,
and if this home by Kay Douglas doesn't qualify, I don't know what does.

Revelling in the contrast of fabrics, finishes and accessories chosen with such restraint-
and then bursts of joyful color, splashed about with abandon.

(Thank you, Verdigris Vie, for sharing this one - I don't usually pick up a copy of Veranda,
but perhaps it's time to start!) 

Amazing how the lack of pattern and accessories can balance out the intense energy of these hues, isn't it?

Makes me want to put away half the bits and bobs around my own place!

Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving here in the north -
we survived two days of hosting huge dinners, 
(23 lbs of raast beef, two turkeys, two spiral hams, potatoes, yams, brussel sprouts,...  you get the idea!!)
and had such a fantastic weekend visiting with our families.

Topped it all off with a fall boat ride yesterday, 
touring our muskoka coastlines and admiring the gorgeous fall colors.

It left me glowing, truly, and very grateful for all that we are blessed with.
Weekends like that are what it's all about....xo


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