If you've ever left a comment here, 
you know that "they are my favourite part of blogging"...
that's what it's all about right? 

Sometimes it's hard to hear what others have to say,
but I'd rather hear the bad with the good than hear nothing at all.

Most days :)

So when someone new drops by I try to go by their blog
 to see what wee bit of wonderful is happening over there.. 

Last week Kim Davies left a note about the post, Setting Your walls Free.
She mentioned being an artist, so naturally I went straight over to her blog, Inspired Lines,
(nothing better than procrastinating over art, is there?)
which led to her gallery....
and you are going to be glad I did!

How about this....

and this....

 and this....

and if the eye candy isn't enough to draw you in,
the day I passed through she had posted an online tutorial about line drawing - 
how generous is that?

I've actually never seen an artist offering up the technical bits of their brilliance before. Ever.
Immersed in all this brilliance, I couldn't help myself..
I bought these two drawings (originals!)
and a print of Lip Service...

She also has a giveaway going on....

I'm sure you've all left by now, but if not, hope you have a splendoriffic thursday - x


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