No. 2 of the entertaining post series...

Last time we looked at kitchens, 
and part of the discussion we got going was whether or not we like formal dining rooms.

Not everyone likes a formal dining room, 
but we have one here, and it is well-used.

(although we won't be using it this weekend, as it's currently under a bit of an upheaval - 
we've just painted the walls, have to hang the art, change out the chandy, and add a carpet... 
both of which i also have to paint :) You can see the previous incarnation here....)

We try to have friends in at least every other week for dinner, 
and we host all the big holiday celebrations for both sides of our family.
Nothing makes me happier than the house being full of our favourite people.

I've gathered up a few beauties here for inspiration...
any of them tickle your fancy?

for the maximalist, a plethora of pattern...

for the elegant country home...

for the organic mod -

in black

or white......

(I really, really love the welcoming feel of this room,
truly one of my favourite spaces, ever)

for those of us that adore "junktiquing"....

the classics, happily re-imagined....

a room for stilettos and champagne, non?

If space is an issue
(and who isn't it an issue for?)
a dining room and office combine perfectly...

How about adding a piano, or a DRUM SET?!!
I love these rooms - 
the decor not be quite my style, 
but the idea of that little munchkin rocking out in the corner just makes me smile.

speaking of kids, 
these clever kids have found a way to ensure it's not a wasted space...

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So, how about it?
Do any of these make you long for a formal dining space?

Since we are revamping our own,
I've come up with a short list of the elements I prefer -

I'm particularly partial to round tables, I think they encourage good conversation.
I like striking art, to peruse during dinner. 
An unusual, dimmable chandelier as your focal point.
Lastly, since this isn't a space you normally spend long periods of time in,
some daring colour and pattern to fill in the space visually.

What does your list look like?

(next up, sometime during the next few days....
a post looking at entertaining-friendly living rooms-
hope you'll stop by..)


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