These days I want pattern. Heaps of pattern. But not dignified, perfect made-by-a-machine pattern. I want dots, but not perfectly formed round polka dots. Yesterdays geometry in a more organic format. Chevron re-thought.  I want mud cloth from Africa and rugs based on southwestern Native American designs. It's about to get tribal, lovelies.

I started a link folder a few months ago titled tribal, and when I opened it today it contained almost a hundred links :) So lets break this into a couple of posts, shall we?

on the menu for today: desert tribal


If I'm being honest, it's not just the pattern here that appeals to me - it's the handmade aspect, a merging of natural elements and aesthetics's, a respect for the materials involved, a sense of spirituality. Something more than just a pretty room.


I know. Almost too much to take in, isn't it? Are you feeling as connected to this as I am? On friday I will post the rest of it, pop by and share in the beauty. am x

(I know some of the patterns involved in these items are sacred to Native Americans, and I apologize if you are offended by their use here. Please know we are simply appreciating a small part of the beauty of your culture.)


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