Found this yesterday via the Marcus Design blog. I don't usually re-blog, but this console and the vignette is one of the best things I've seen in a while.

Those lions are outdoor statues! The owner literally placed a sheet of plexiglass on top and voila - one of a kind gorgeousness. I love that their rustic patina was left alone, it allows them to blend into the walls enough that they are subtle, and I like pieces that make me look twice. Placing two large gold vases filled with branches directly on top of each lion keeps the eye moving up vertically. The urn, stool and art add up to perfect symmetry, while the small dish on the right keeps the grouping from being too static. This ticks every box for me - unique, interesting, perfectly scaled and upcycled decor. I usually try to do my own thing, but this is one look I may have to steal :)  You?


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