Spending this morning working on some new features for the 10 Rooms site,
 but I've taken a bit of a break and this is where it led me..

The portfolio Photographer Emily Gilbert is overflowing with luscious interiors,
some for saying goodbye to summer..

the trim on that skirted sofa, the dining room - so full of interesting personal finds..
the perfect porch - doesn't this seem more like a living room?

 some spaces for greeting autumn..

love these rich dark aubergene walls..

just pause for a moment to really look at that tub...
and royal blue velvet, well, that speaks for itself, doesn't it?

and some that harken to fresh, sparkling winter days...
now that is a focal wall!

Time to embrace those rich jewel tones again..
tomorrow I will explore purple!

Want to come?

til next time..


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