Prepare yourself for some serious kitchen envy.

What do you do when space is limited and the views are so-so?

Paint it white, pare it down and add your own eye candy.

Is it hhhhhot where you are? 

We've just cancelled our plans for the beach today because we can't even BREATHE out there.

The boys have been trying to work on the blisteringly-hot-south-facing-deck through this heat wave, 
and it's progressing a little slower than anticipated as a result -
but we gave them the day off, as well.

I lost the battle for having the decking laid in a herringbone or chevron pattern like this -

apparently the budget would have doubled, as it would have involved changing the structure.

I'm really starting to dislike that dirty "B" word!

But at least it's on a diagonal :)

And there is the beginnings of shade - yay!

Hope you're having a lovely, air-conditioned day :)


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