I'm not usually a huge fan of overtly "pretty" spaces...

but this bedroom, with it's fabulous floral ceiling,
rattan bed, and buttercup yellow trim
 is weekend-house-guest-room perfect,
isn't it?

Just need the weekend house to put it in :)

How was your weekend?

We had an 80th bday / family reunion for my dear sweet Dad,
a neighbourhood party,
and a bbq here with D's cousins...

busy, but the best part about summer is having a chance to visit with everyone, isn't it?

On the home front,

last week Tash's room went from black to white

(and I reaffirmed my love for a certain paint, 
which I will tell you about in the reveal)

and our back deck has morphed from old and weathered to non-existant :)

hopefully by next I will have some gorgeous finished spaces to show you!


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