This is a much discussed topic, 
but I've found some unique antler art that is making me re-think the whole antler thing.

This look has been around a while...

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And of course the last few years have brought countless faux versions
 that have been witty and clever, but are fairly common now.
(and there it is, that dirty word - COMMON :)

I do love this branch version!


what if they weren't hanging on a wall?

What if they were separated, embellished in a slightly glam, tribal way,
and used as sculpture?

I found those on Etsy a while back, and can't stop thinking about them...
I can picture a gold and black version lounging atop a pile of art books
 on my future shelving in the family room....
this visualization skill is how I manage to convince myself that I need something :)
do you do that?!!

Anyhow....what do you think?

Would you have one of these in your home?

( BTW - if you're interested in this as a DIY, as I think I am, 
but don't happen to have any extra antlers lying around, 
surprisingly Ebay is a good source for antlers!)


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