Received an email from Pieces over the weekend,
linking over to the newest fab finds on their site,
(oh, how I'd like to go on a shopping spree over there - 
have you seen their burled wood and lucite desk? Love.)
and this chandelier really caught my attention.

It's lucite. Not lucite trying to be crystal or glass, but lucite reveling in being lucite.
Lucite doing things that glass and crystal cannot easily do, massive arcs sweeping in perfect curves...
massive arcs that are lightweight enough to be hung from a standard receptacle.

Want some of this clean-lined glam vibe? Check out 1st Dibs here and here.

What about the classic waterfall or tiered styles?

1 2 3 5 

You can find them on 1st Dibs as well,
 but a quick kijiji search almost always reveals one around here...
and way below budget.
(right now you could pick this one up 15 minutes from my place for $50!)

With all the seventies/eighties swish happening right now, 
is a lucite chandy on your wish list?

Are you feeling the love? Yay or nay?


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