Well, lovelies,
after a week of looking at design through jet-setting-rose-colored glasses,
we've come to the last layer-on-the-luxe,
prep-at-the-beach post.


Thank you for indulging me my wee escape to the sun,
and reading all week!

For those of us who would love a little bit of this fabulousness in their own homes,
today we are looking at spaces that aren't in Palm Beach, but brought the look home.

This Nantucket lovely made the rounds,
so you may have seen it before,
but it just begged to be re-visited.

In the 80's I loved peach. LOVED. 
And since then there really hasn't been much appeal, 
but look at these walls - what a warm, delicious backdrop for
all the other color.


This home, found via Design Sponge,
literally took my breath away last fall when I saw it.
Of any of the Palm Beach inspired spaces I found, this one is perfection.

This little vignette, centre, is stunning.
And that vintage malachite wallpaper is so much like
the Cole and Son version I have been lobbying for in the dining room
(D. isn't a fan)

This living room, left and centre, and dining room, right, are perfection.
Again, loving the coral,
and the of course, the high gloss navy wall.
Look at that chevron carpet!
The golden tree mural was hand painted.

Designer Meg Braff may be based out of New York,
but she brings a bit of sunshine style wherever she goes.
I love the yellow hallway, below.

The Palm Beach lifestyle was created by the wealthy,
a jet-set crew of entrepreneurs,
but anyone can add bits of happy to their space.
Vintage beach classics, 
with layers of luxe and pattern,
and a playful palette.

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Some rather fab shopping links for you:

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Must say, I've gotten my fill of these hues this week,
and I 'm sure you did too!
Everyone has to decide for themselves how much color they want to live with.
I paint the walls in my home every few years,
which means I don't mind committing to a color on the walls
because it's s a fairly simple and inexpensive process to change it out.
I prefer to buy quality furnishings on the neutral side,
and lets the walls and accessories set the tone.

In any case,
you can take off the sunglasses,
I've got a feeling the next posts may be about restful neutrals or
black and white!


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