Celerie Kemble is a Palm Beach girl whose style
exemplifies the luxe and whimsy of this wonderful spot.
She has an incredible design philosophy...

"I grew up in Palm Beach,
a place I think of as New York's barefoot alter ego.
I would describe Palm Beach style as
 classic, comfortable and easy,
but with wild moments of glamour and creative panache."

                             -Celerie Kemble

"I have a more-is-more aesthetic.
I believe a room always has space for something you've fallen in love with."

                           -Celerie Kemble

 "Every house needs a soul.
I help put the person in the space.
Otherwise it's just a space."

                        -Celerie Kemble

"In life, as in design, it is not perfection that you should be after.
There's beauty in the faded and worn,
the well-loved, and the sentimental.
Your home should be like a loosely woven fabric of desires, 
memories, practical notions and even compromises.

                       -Celerie Kemble

So talented!

One of my all-time favourite designers.

Celerie's spaces never feel contrived, 
but rather that they have evolved to what they are.

Tomorrow I am looking at the iconic
Palm Beach home Jonathon Adler,
Happy Chic extraordinaire. 

Hope you'll drop in :)


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