January is a hard month.
It's cold, and grey, and we end up hibernating quite a lot.
Once we reach February it seems we've made it through..
and I feel a bit playful.


Currently I'm drawn to wildly colorful, super-saturated palettes
 that I may not embrace in, say, October,
but feel so right now.

Enter Photographer Anita Behrendt's portfolio.

One word: fun!

There is too much to show in one post, 
so today I'm going to show you these fabulous kids spaces
and tomorrow the rest... 
we can have two posts full of irreverent brights, right?!

Wee Ones

does it get any cuter than this?
I am in full-on pattern crave, and these walls are parfait!

Little Explorers

plenty of room for imagination to be set free...
love the orange and that photo wall.

Getting Older

Swap out the accessories and this space will grow with this child.
Heaps of storage and that crazy-quilt of pattern and color, 
bring on the giggles!

I got so many comments and emails from the Welcome February post
saying that it brightened your spirits -
hope these spaces do the same - x


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