Remember our giveaway for Home Show Tix?
It was on last weekend, and Jeni (from ChooChooPhotography) and I went exploring.

I  must say, although I rarely post anything negative, I was a bit disappointed by part of the show.
I was particularly looking forward to the Habitat for Humanity House - 
expecting a gorgeous selection of salvaged chic spaces..
instead the "house" consisted of a few unfinished booths that had been set up as "rooms".
The ReStore for Habitat by Humanity is a valuable resource for home building supplies and decor.
I felt that the display really did not honour all the hard work that Habitat does, and
 I'm not sure anyone would be inspired to visit a ReStore based on what they saw there.

Okay, I'm done :)

There were a few highlights..
I found the most darling light switch cover for my office 
from Adrianne Kulling of Vintage Love.

I had spotted this lady...

what could be more perfect?!!
but, alas, it was not available in my style of switchplate...

Adrianne scours vintage mags for images, then adheres them to metal plates, 
and they are sealed with many layers of varnish.. so charming.

She has a plethora of witty styles..

We found the greatest chair at Jelinek Cork Furniture.
the seat and back were made from slabs of cork...

with the bark still attached on the backside..

it was cork madness!

walls, ceilings..

They have a laminated cork fabric that is exceptionally soft and, of course, has beautiful texture.

Here it is on a chair..

Jeni bought some very glam sparkly earrings..

from the Sterling Design Company.

I was inspired for heaps diy projects, like enormous pinecones dipped in scented wax
 (for holiday displays -  show you those when they get made!)

trays stacked into a layered serving piece..

All in all,  a delightful afternoon with a friend.. thank you Jenni for taking pics - 
including this one of us, although I managed to have my eyes closed :)

til next time..


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