We recently attended a wedding.
One of the guests was telling us how she had ordered the happy couple
 a complete set of (unrequested) monogrammed bedlinens.

I happen to know that this particular couple prefer a specific type of sheet set,
because I helped my friend choose her bedding a few months ago -
and it wasn't monogrammed :)

Some people love the look of monograms, 
gleefully embroidering their intials on everything from pillows to purses,
while others find this practice pretentious..
I am interested to see which camp you fall into!


Yummy colors!  Monogrammed luggage tags transform functional into stylish.

Monogrammed towels - hmm.. pretty, but why exactly would you require a monogram on a towel?
If it lives in your loo, it's likely yours - yes?

Modern Monogram Stationery

Handsome monogrammed stationary is a classic must-have..

I would adore these monogrammed matchbooks at a wedding.


While these plates are not a major investment and have an air of impishness..
but setting a whole table with your own intials?

(They're fully customizable, and I'm thinking of ordering some for Christmas brunch,
 with bits like HOHOHO and MERRY on them)

Snack Trays

These are not inexpensive, and have a distinct air of formality about them.

Sometimes monograms can be subtle..


So what do you think?

While they are charming at a wedding,
do you include monograms in your space - or a clients?

til next time..


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