Not many of us are fortunate enough to have a space like Betsy Burnham's to work in..
Soothing cocoa walls enlivened by the active print on the curtains and chair, freshened by the white console, and visual interest added with hits of blue..

Recently I mentioned I was working on a color scheme for a clients office.
Poppy, of Project Gadabout
commented how much her dreary grey office needed that same treatment.

 I imagined trying to be inspired at work in a space described as dreary -
 thus this post was born, the simplest way to bring color into your workspace - accessories.


This chic space clearly had good bones, the wallpaper and furniture are fantastic,
but the hits of green bring balance to this high contrast scheme..
Green is one of the best choices for an office, it offers intellectual stimulation while calming nerves.


 Color enlivens tiny spaces. 
The power of red.  One single red box amps up the energy level of this space hugely!

Tiffany blue is the perfect complement here - adding a lovely, pretty edge to this delicate space.

What about cubicles? you obviously can't go wallpapering the walls without some raised eyebrows..
let alone installing a ball pit?!!

I love this idea below -

Jennifer placed a bright graphic wall decal on the floor of hers cubicle - fantastic!
You often see people adding carpets, 
but they don't allow your chair to move around very well, do they? 
Floor decals are the perfect solution.

fabric covered magnetic boards are easy to find and a cinch to change..
just use double-sided self-adhesive velco strips to adhere.



How about a new, ergonomic chair?
Even the most formal of offices can't argue employee health :)
In cherry red, or lemon yellow..

It's really easy to add these small bits of happy to your office, wherever it is, and 
you may be surprised how much it lifts your mood..
imagine being able to smile at the guy three desks down who insists on eating chili every day,
or the girl who has that ridiculously-loud-every-three-second-laugh going on -
okay, maybe not that much ;)

The office I consulted on has added new mossy green chairs for all it's employees,
 fresh taupe paint on the walls, a living wall for better air quality,
and some new acoustic panels to control office noise.
Simple improvements and the change in their office atmosphere is enormous.

Hope you all are having a great weekend,
I'm perusing christmas craft sales with my Mum and the girls..

til next time..


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