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the ever chic fashionista

I am thrilled to be here today talking about my absolute favourite!
Truly, I think this shade is the perfect colour.
It's versatile in the prettiest of ways and has a chameleon like quality, which allows it to feel so entirely different depending on it's application.

Pink is in my humble opinion, the perfect neutral- 
it blends beautifully with every other colour 
and manages to feel both soft and bold...
humble, yet confident.

Pink is:

But most importantly, pink is just plain....

Thank you so much to Anne-Marie for having me join her fabulous Crushing on Colour series.

I loved being a guest at the gorgeous 10 Rooms!!



There is absolutely no way I could choose a favourite image from this post.

It's such a dreamy, take-me-away moment..
just the way pink makes me feel!

Christine, I have never seen anyone pair imagery so perfectly as you!
Every time I go over to Bijou and Boheme,
my inspiration folder (and wish list!)
grow a little :)
Visit, it will happen to you too!

Thanks so much for your wonderful post, lovely - 
Saturday we are going to wrap up the
Crushing on Color series with a wild ride through some super-satured shopping fun.
Join us, won't you?

x am


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