Kicking off the Crushing on Color series is 

Audrey Hepburn has given me some of the greatest advice over the years. 

Living in a perfectly pink world with a smile on my face 
and occasionally locking lips with a handsome beau- 
does it truly get any better than that?!

Hi, everyone! 
and lover of all things pink and girlie. 
When Anne Marie invited me over to post
 for her "Crushing on Color" series 
I was giddy with delight and
 knew exactly what I wanted to share with her readers! 

I'm one of those girls who loves to have a little pink 
in her routine everyday- any way I can get it. 
For me, there is no color that says pretty, happy and glamorous quite like it.

For those of you, like me, who already enjoy daily doses of pink, enjoy! 
And for those who don't, well, 
I would like to think that I'm opening your world to beautiful new things!

Thank you so much, Anne-Marie for having me over today! 
I hope you all enjoyed my pink color crush!

You can visit me anytime over at my place.
I'd love to have you!



Where to begin?!

What a lovely post, Julie.
Your Audrey Hepburn quote says it all,
life is about love, and happiness,
and what better color to represent that than pink?

Pink is such a romantic color,
 I actually chose to wear a blush pink wedding dress!
(and shoes, lol)

Visit Julie's blog, Brown Eyed Belle
for a delightful girly escape from reality.

Thursday post is all about another color that's near and dear to my heart,
and seems to be emerging as a bit of a star these days..

x am


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