Dinner at a friends tonight so one of these is in the oven...

heading out in the sunshine with D and Cam to assemble six ENORMOUS boxes of bits into this...

Wish us luck!

I know these plastic ones are so very practical, but really -
that's going to require some major landscaping to blend in out there, isn't it? 

I feel some backyard posts coming on!

Tomorrow we're off to visit the Mum's.

We always bring them each three baskets of flowers, one from each little darling..

such a small gift for such wonderful women.

But how can you ever properly thank someone
 for loving, encouraging and caring for you your entire life?

1 2 3 

1 2 3 4 

To all you Mum's out there...

hope you spend tomorrow surrounded by what's dearest to your heart -
 your children - x


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