The Crushing on Color series is where we get a little glimpse 
of what colors make our favourite bloggers hearts aflutter...

today I am super-excitied to bring you Jules,
from the seriously cool blog The Diversion Project.

If by some rare chance you have missed the spectacular collection of homes she profiles on her blog..
you need to set aside a chunk of your afternoon, break out some bevvies, and prepare to swoon.

Hi, I'm Jules from The Diversion Project

When Anne-Marie asked me if I'd like to take part in her Crushing On Colour series, 
I kind of thought for a split second 
"is this a trick question?" 
I mean first of all who wouldn't jump up and down with a welcome back Kotter hand in the air
 to be part of this fabulous fun and then second of all I had to stop
 and ask myself, 
"do I actually do colour?!"

But reading further down the sweet email I snorted when I read
 Anne-Marie's words "And, yep, black and white and wood and concrete count as colors :)".

She knows me too well!


So I thought, cool, black white wood and concrete, I can do that kind of colour! 
But then I thought there must be more to my colour radar than that. 
So looking back through the inventory of things that grab my eye I noticed quite a bit of turquoise,
 a very healthy sampling of grey (yep, I concede, on the cusp of black and concrete again),
 but then suddenly - gold. 

My love of shiny things and refined glamour shone through.

And in so many ways, 
from blind-your-eyes-mirage-in-the-desert to 
burnished umbered mellow patinas in a Milanese kitchen.

Whether it be metallic gold or golden tones, I love the way it can transform a room. 
The soft shimmer often transfixes me when I spot it in a room, no matter what form it comes in.  
But of course golden velvet just might have to be my most favourite form of all.

Thanks so much Anne-Marie for having me over for a little show and tell, 
and for letting me believe that "black white wood and concrete" is an actual colour!

Although, we may need to blend that out a little to "black white wood concrete AND gold"

- Jules

Thanks Jules!
I loved  that you chose to focus on gold, 
because I always have to mentally fight to separate gold from flourishes and roccoco,
and you've shown it in such a modern way, that it leaves me a bit speechless.

When I need a bit of killer imagery, 
something textural and tactile and sexy,
I always head over to The Diversion Project.

You should go :)


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