It's Crushing on Color time, ladies - yay!

I promised you a fabulous post from a fabulous blogger and here it is - 
Sarah from Flourish Design + Style
has graciously agreed to share her current color inspiration with us....

flourish design + style

It's been some time since being asked "what's your favorite color? " 
The first that came to mind was white. 
Creamy white and true white and any shade in between. 
Crisp cottons and wrinkled linens. But maybe that's just because I'm thinking summer. 
What about a creamy white with a pale grey undertone? 
Now I'm thinking about interior walls and woven blankets. 
Top it off with some injections of crisp blue, and there it is! 
My color crush! 

What I'm loving right

The awe inducing Smythe blazers bring a fashionable edge to the simplest of outfits-

I think of bright royals, worn chambray and crisp denim. 
My go to shorts this summer are a short, cuffed tailored pair of soft denim that tie with a bow. 
There's nothing that doesn't look great with these shorts.

These images from Style at Home show a lovely blue,
and just how to mix it in to a neutral interior. 
It appears traditional with some spunk, tailored and crisp. 
It evokes a feeling ( for me ) of clean, crisp and fresh.

So thanks Anne-Marie for asking the age old question, 
the answer to which changed almost daily as a child, 
and to which I can answer now as blue.

Sarah, x

Thanks so much, Sarah!

I thought we may have a white post there for a moment!

Blue in all it's glory will always be near and dear to my heart -
it's such a versatile hue - 
ranging from energetic (cobalt)
to stately (navy)
to perfectly restful (pale tints)
and more...
how could anyone resist it in some form or another?

Be sure to pop over to the ever-charming Sarah's blog,
it's filled with gorgeous inspiration daily,
always very tasteful and ultra-chic,
and sometimes you get a glimpse of her gorgeous home
(which I"d love to see more of - hint hint!!)

Feeling very ambitious this morning, lol...
hoping to finish restoring the desk today, in between consultations...
it's our fourth date - next time I post about refinishing something antique 
please just tell me to give it a gorgeous coat of paint and let it be :)



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