After reading through the blogs,
I realized I may be the only person who missed Million Dollar Decorators...
but truthfully, wasn't really interested.

I heard it was full of pretentious, obnoxious behavior...

since the whole show is based on "bragging-rights" budgets,
it seems natural that it is packed-to-the-rafters with people who are focused on that sort of thing,
doesn't it?

There may be some valuable design lessons, but how much sifting will have to be done to get to them?

All the discussions, however, got me thinking about budgets...

The clients I am usually working with do not have unlimited design budgets.

They are usually looking for a design that combines old and new
 into one, cohesive, shiny ball of fabulousness :)

What I do find, when the budget is more realistic,
is that my clients regularly want to go neutral with the bulk of their choices,
 because they know they will be living with them for some time.

When this happens, I tend to guide them toward color through paint and accessories.
Then they can have their cake, and eat it, too - isn't that what we all want!!!

I'd like to know how you all do it..

Do you refrain from buying that to-die-for red velvet sofa
because you don't want to commit to scarlet fever for the next 5 - 10 years?
Even though it makes you tingle all the way down to your toes...

but bring home the lush red pillows?

Do you stick with white, black, grey or - gasp - beige
(which I like, by the way - in small doses!!)  
because it will be less expensive to pack up blue and white pottery
 than change out that exquisite navy toile wallpaper
once you're over your mad blue and white crush?

or do you revel in your chosen hue?
splashing it around with abandon....

 Does your budget affect your color choices?

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